Sunday, 2 June 2013

The One Where I Turn Into A Fangirl

So, this is where I was on Wednesday! And yes, those are Christmas trees on the table... Along with my very uninterested sister and two fractious toddlers I joined the queue of fans waiting to meet Joe Hill who is Stephen King's son for those who don't know and/or aren't fans. I've been a fan since 2007 when I read 20th Century Ghosts - a collection of short stories, and Heart-Shaped Box. I've also read Horns, which you should read soon if you haven't as they've made it into a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple, and the first three Locke & Key graphic novels illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez.

This event was for the release of NOS4R2 and Joe was doing a few events/signings around the UK, naturally I had to go as soon as I found out he was going to be in Reading! We were already in the bookstore as we had plans to buy books for the twins so lucky for me, I was third in the queue which was soon out the door. The lovely people who work there had this cookie made for Joe and he was kind enough to share it with everyone, he personally handed over chunks to F & E and automatically became their new best friend - although they're still not sure about the beard!

I got all my books signed, with an illustration in NOS4R2 and a little heart in Heart-Shaped Box but I wish I'd been able to get my graphic novels signed - unfortunately I couldn't carry any more but c'est la vie! Joe was absolutely lovely, really genuine, very sweet and one of the best author signings I've been to! I walked away with my author crush intact and I'd like to thank my sister for pointing out (in earshot of Joe) that I was a lovely shade of red and wasn't he cute!

If you follow Jon Weir on Twitter he took a picture of the queue which happens to feature the four of us quite prominently, I'm not linking the pic as it's awful but if you can find it that's your reward ;)

Roll on Friday June 14th for my next reading/talk/signing with the amazing Neil Gaiman!


  1. Joe Hill and Neil Gaiman?! You are one lucky lady!

  2. Awesome.

    And the pic of the queue sounded like a challenge to me (not to mention I'm incurably nosey), so I found it. ;p Took some digging as apparently there are pics of queues at every signing.

  3. How exciting! I wish my favorite authors would do signings in our area. The last author I saw was Jeaniene Frost and we had to drive a few hours away to Alabama to see her.
    Have fun meeting Gaiman!

    Cat @ A2H


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