Thursday, 1 August 2013

Random Reads Challenge #3 - Starling

Random Reads is a monthly meme hosted by Sarah at I’m Loving Books.  This feature is to get us reading a random book within the month that is in our TBR stack.

Random Reads is a meme where we pick a random book from our shelf to read within the month. Feel free to do more than one per month, but since a lot of people have a lot of books to read each month, only one is “required” for the meme.

Want to join in on Random Reads?

It’s easy…

  1. If you’re on Goodreads enable sorting to your to-read shelf (you should see numbers next to each book now).
  2. Go to and type in the Min as 1 and the Max as how many ever books are on your to-read shelf.
  3. Scroll down to the book matching the number picks.
  4. Link up to your Random Reads post (below). If you choose more than one book per month, be sure to put a number by your name in the list so it doesn’t look like a duplicate.
  5. Read and be merry!

This month Random chose number 376 which is

Starling - Lesley Livingston
This has been on my shelf since September last year - I think, but definitely last year! Still, it counts towards my Off The Shelf Challenge and is the first official book ticked off the list for Operation TBR.

My choice for last month, The Violet Hour by Richard Montanari, unfortunately got put on hold as I just couldn't get myself in the mood for it. I didn't want to DNF as I'm pretty sure at some point I will finish it. Hopefully I'll get engrossed in Starling so that doesn't happen again! Remember to pop over to I'm Loving Books if you want to join in.


  1. I really need to finish the Wondrous Strange books, because I've heard that this series - of which this one is on my to-read list - is a spin-off of those. I adored Wondrous Strange, so really don't know why I'm dragging my heels on finishing the other two. There's just so much to read and so little time to do it in!

    I hope you enjoy Starling! If you think about it, please link me to your review, as I'd love to see how you like it.

    ~Merin @ Read and Reviewed~

  2. Ooh! I love that cover! Hope you enjoy it!

    You can see my August Random Read here.

  3. That cover is pretty for Starling - gonna have to look it up on GR :) Happy reading!


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