Friday, 3 January 2014

Favorite Books of 2013 Part 2

As promised, here's the second half of my favorites list for 2013. Yet more great books and, as the year went on, even harder to choose just three never mind one! Quite a few of the authors from July through to December were new to me and a couple were old favorites, looking forward to reading more books from all of them in 2014.


The Disappeared | The Weight of Souls | Viral Nation

Shiloh | Tall Tales From Pitch End | Burn For Burn

The House of the Scorpion | This House Is Haunted | Broken

Crown of Midnight | Heaven | Shades of Milk & Honey

Seven Forges | Verdigris Deep | The Woken Gods

The Silence of Ghosts | Red Rock | The Humans
So there you have it, my year in favorite books! I can only hope I have just as many favorites on my list this year :) Oh, and you may notice I haven't included Daughter of Smoke & Bone on any of lists, that's because by the end of 2014 Dreams of Gods & Monsters will be out and I get the feeling all three books will be on my all-time favorites list...

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