Friday, 8 January 2016

Reading Challenges For 2016

There will be lots of reading and lots of organization in 2016... Well, I can hope can't I? I'm hoping by not overloading my plate I won't get so bogged down in the detail so I'm doing three challenges, including the annual Goodreads challenge. The other two are Mel's retelling challenge (failed miserably last year but will do better this year) and Evie's 2016 TBR Pile Challenge (also failed miserably but if at first you don't succeed try again).
Target - 275
 I've set my target at 275, lower than the ridiculous target I set last year but slightly higher than what I actually achieved.
Target - 26+
 I'm going for Cheshire Cat level again because I've got even more retellings to read now than I did last year! Sign up here if you want to join Mel's challenge.
Target - 50+
Last but not least, Evie's TBR Pile challenge! This is the year I do read my own books along with what seems like hundreds of other bloggers who all want to do the same! If you want to join this particular TBR challenge sign up here!


  1. 275 books, holy crap. Good luck and happy reading! Also, awesome that you've joined my challenge :D

  2. Awesome! I couldn't possibly read that much. That is nearly a book a day! best wishes!


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