Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #87 - Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the fabulous gals cover at The Broke & The Bookish. This week's topic is -

Top Ten Twelve Fifteen ALL TIME Favorite Authors

When I saw that the all-time favorite authors were this week's topic I snorted! Because who's going to be able to stick to ten? Well, me it would seem... Actually, not me! Have added another three authors before even getting started. And I know I'm going to kick myself when I see other people's lists and think of a hundred more I could have added. Anyway, here's fifteen of my favorite authors... Oh, and this list doesn't include people like Jasper Fforde, Alan Garner, Tolkien, L M Montgomery, Dickens, Hardy, Austen, and Bronte. It also doesn't include Patrick Rothfuss, Marcus Sedgwick, Diana Wynne Jones or George R R Martin because I think they are far too obvious (to me anyway) to be mentioned. And I can still think of at least another ten authors on top of those I would consider all-time favorites.

Freda Warrington

First Book Read - Dark Cathedral
Favorite Book - Court of the Midnight King

Catherynne Valente

First Book Read - Palimpsest

Angela Carter 

First Book Read - The Magic Toyshop

Frances Hardinge

First Book Read - Fly By Night
Favorite Book - Cuckoo Song

Charles de Lint 

First Book Read - Moonheart
Favorite Book - The Little Country

 Phil Rickman

First Book Read - Crybbe
Favorite Book - The Cure of Souls

Jo Walton 

First Book Read - The King's Peace
Favorite Book - Among Others

Juliet Marillier

First Book Read - Daughter of the Forest
Favorite Book - Daughter of the Forest

Neil Gaiman 

First Book Read - Neverwhere
Favorite Book - The Graveyard Book

Kate Forsyth

First Book Read - The Witches of Eileanan
Favorite Book - Bitter Greens

Stephen King 

First Book Read - 'Salem's Lot
Favorite Book - IT

Terry Pratchett

First Book Read - The Color of Magic
Favorite Book - Wyrd Sisters

Susanna Kearsley

First Book Read - Season of Storms

Sarah Pinborough

First Book Read - A Matter of Blood
Favorite Book - Poison

Susan Cooper

First Book Read - Over Sea Under Stone
Favorite Book - The Dark Is Rising


  1. 'IT' was my first and favourite Stephen King book! It would be one of my desert island books as I love it loads. I always was scared of clowns but Pennywise was something REALLY creepy...

  2. I love Charles de Lint and Terry Pratchett! Great list!

    Michelle's @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  3. I love that you changed it to 12, 10 was so hard! Stephen King was one of mine as well!
    Check out my Top 10

  4. Huge fan of Coraline by Neil Gaiman. Can't wait to read more from him.
    My TTT

  5. Have you read Hardinge's book A Face Like Glass? That one landed her right on my list of authors that get first priority!

    1. I have! And it did the same for me! I'm about to reread everything by Frances, for a mini Frances Hardinge month in May :)

  6. I haven't heard of a lot of these authors, but I love Pratchett and Gaiman so I'll have to check some of the others out :)

    1. Oh do, there are some great writers there that are definitely worth reading :)


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