Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bookish In March

Here's what happened on Bookish Outsider in March :)

Books Read

Adult - 14
YA/Children's Books - 10
Picture Books - 5

Grand Total 29

Own - 9
Library - 11
Kindle - 9

Favorite Books of the Month

Days of the Deer | Stolen Songbird
Days of the Deer was a random pick at the library and I loved it! Originally written In Spanish it's a fantasy novel  and the first in a series. Sadly, this appears to be the only book translated into English so far and queries about the other books have fallen on deaf ears... Stolen Songbird, strictly speaking, should have been in last month's round-up but somehow it slipped through the net. All the better for you though, because if you check out my review there's an opportunity to win a copy for yourself!


Stolen Songbird - Danielle L Jensen

Daughter of Chaos - Jenn McConnel

Blog Tours

Marianne de Pierres - Interview

Danielle L Jensen - Interview

Physical Books Bought In March

The Armageddon Rag
Fevre Dream
Tuf Voyaging
Wings to the Kingdom
The Sound
Good Omens
The Essence
The Offering
The Burning Dark
Hang Wire
Empire State
Prickle Moon
Pippi Longstocking
Guards! Guards!
Men At Arms
The Assassin's Blade
Half Bad
The Gunslinger

Ooops! Slipped up a bit this month! In February I managed to buy just twelve physical books, in March this has shot up to twenty-one books... Must try harder.

Book Signings

Two in March! One was for the very lovely Adam Christopher, at Forbidden Planet in London which lots of my favorite authors attended and the other was for the Queen of Baking in the UK, Mary Berry, in Reading with my sister and some cake club friends. One had strawberry liqueur jello shots and the other had cake, I'll let you work out which was which...

Challenge Updates

Goodreads 72/365

This month, according to Goodreads I'm fifteen books ahead of schedule, another big thank you Em & Fred for allowing me to read you both so many great books!

Fairy Tales Retold Challenge 1/16
Still counting Enchanted even though I haven't quite finished it...

2014 Series Challenge 1/12

No change, although I have bought a couple of books that finish another series...

2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge /50

I think I'm up to 19 books from my TBR pile now but I haven't had the time to check. What's worse? The fact that we are now one quarter of the way through 2014 and I'm floundering! I really need to stop requesting books from the library, this is the main reason why I'm not reading many of my own books. My goal for the next three months? Request a maximum of ten books each month instead of the silly numbers I've been getting.


  1. Wow you were busy this month! I kind of slowed down on reading this month and still behind on a bunch of reviews but hope April will be different. Good luck next month!


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