Thursday, 4 September 2014

R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril IX

 The amazing art used for all the R.I.P. banners are the property of the wonderful Abigail Larson.

I have been meaning to take part in R.I.P. for the last five years but always remember too late! This year, I'm only a couple of days late so I'm going for it.

Stories can make us look back over our shoulders and question every creak and groan on a dark, quiet night. Stories can cause our hearts to race with ever-increasing tension as we forgo sleep to rush towards a surprising conclusion. Stories can make us suspicious of every character as we challenge the protagonist to be the first to solve the crime. Stories can make us sleep with the lights on, make us pull the covers just a little bit tighter, and can make every shadow seem menacing.

Be they our favorite cozy mysteries, exciting police procedurals, classic tales about things that go bump in the night or contemporary terrors that chill us to the bone, there is something delicious about the ability of the printed word to give us a fright. At no time of the year is this more of a delight than when Summer heat turns to Autumn chill as the days become ever darker.

You can choose books from any/all of the below and there are different levels of peril!

Dark Fantasy.

 I'm going for Peril the First, four books fitting the above but I'm hoping I'll read more than four!

I've got so many short story compilations to read I'm going to use R.I.P. as an excuse to read stories from at least two different collections!

I love horror movies, thrillers, any movie that sends a shiver down your back or makes you jump basically! I've already watched my first movie for Peril of the Screen but I'm hoping to fit in at least ten or more movies for my favorite time of year. I'll add pics as I watch them here.

Solo AKA Alone

I'm also really excited to join the group read this year. I've been looking for an excuse to re-read The Haunting of Hill House for a while as I'm a fan of Shirley Jackson's writing. If you want to join in click here and sign up. The group read has already started but the discussion isn't until October 1st  so you have still have nearly a month to read this great book.

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