Thursday, 1 September 2016

Poppy Pym And The Pharoah's Curse - Laura Wood

The extraordinary story of a little girl raised in a circus who is about to embark on a boarding school adventure. Featuring an ancient Egyptian curse, two best friends (one who wants to be taller and one who knows everything), secretive teachers, dangerous accidents, a mystery to be solved and a menagerie of circus characters.

I'd like to introduce you to my new best friend, Poppy Pym. Most children dream of running away to the circus but Poppy was actually brought up in one, Discovered in the magical top hat of Marvin the Magician Poppy narrowly avoid being called Tomato for the rest of her life and is adopted by Madame Pym and the rest of the circus gang. Fast forward ten years and it's decided that it's time for Poppy to give up her (circus) homeschooling and go to a proper school. Step forward Miss Baxter and Saint Smithens boarding school.

Whirled away from everything she knows Poppy is feeling lost and bewildered but soon makes friends in Ingrid and Letty, her roommates, and Kip, a boy of small stature determined to grow! Finding it hard to settle in completely Poppy's spirits are soon lifted by news of an exhibition of Egyptian artifacts coming to the school. Once owned by a former student the display naturally comes with a mystery built in. Fascinated by a children's detective series she used to read, Detective Dougie Valentine, when Poppy and the other children learn of a supposedly cursed ruby as part of the exhibit they all delve into what might be a mystery to solve!

Caos and mayhem ensue as there are disasters, accidents, and warnings of a mystical nature. Enter a proper policeman, Inspector Hartley, who seems to take a shine to Miss Baxter but warns against Poppy and her friends becoming involved anything criminal. Needless to say, they ignore his advice and are soon up to their necks in trouble! Poppy's circus family arrive just in the nick of time to help the intrepid heroine solve the mystery and they all lived happily ever after...

Poppy Pym and the Pharoah's Curse is an excellent start to a new series by Laura Wood. The characters are so well written and I defy you not to become attached to Poppy, Ingrid, Kip, and all the other fascinating charcters. The circus is a wonder, I would pay to see Buttercup the lion or Fanella or even Marvin the (not-quite-so) Magnificent! Saint Smithens also seems like my sort of school and I can't wait to read more of Poppy's grand adventures.

Poppy Pym And The Pharoah's Curse - Laura Wood
ISBN - 9781407158549
Publisher - Scholastic
Release date - September 3 2015

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