Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bout of Books 10 - Halfway Point Update

So, we've reached the halfway point of Bout of Books 10 or BoB as I like to affectionately call it! After a strong start, Glaze and Panic finished, a review for Glaze written and notes for a review of Panic I first got distracted by the arrival of my sister & brother-in-law then found myself entertaining the four year olds rather than reading! I did pick up a book so I had something to read waiting for my doctor's appointment, Jasmyn by Alex Bell and oh my gosh! I'm in love with this book, loved it! I finished it today but that will be in Day 4's updates :)

Day 5

Time reading - 1 hour

Pages read  - 140

Books started
Books finished
Time spent traveling - 2 hours

Time spent with hilarious authors - 2 hours

Day 1

Time reading - 4 hours

Pages read today - 290

Books started 

Books finished

Day 2

Time reading - 3 hours

Pages read today - 416

Pages read total - 706

Books started

Books finished
Day 3

Time reading - 20 minutes

Pages read  - 41

Pages read total - 

Books started
Books finished
Time baking birthday cake - 1 hour

Time spent shopping - 3 hours

Day 4

Time reading - 2 hours

Pages read  - 270

Books started
Books finished

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