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Waiting On Wednesday #13 - Dead Ever After

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This week I've chosen 

 UK Cover

 US Cover

'Sookie Stackhouse has one last adventure in store.

Life has taken her from a waitress in Merlotte’s Bar, Bon Temps, to part owner; from social outcast to the heart of her community; from a vampire’s girlfriend to the wife of one of the most powerful vampires in the state. She has survived earthquakes, revolutions and attempts on her life. Sookie has endured betrayal, heartbreak and grief . . . and she has emerged a little stronger, and little wiser, every time.

But with life comes new trials . . .

The question is, in the end: who will love, who will live, and who will be dead ever after?'
- Goodreads

I don't want this series to end but I am desperate to know who ends up Dead Ever After! And who Mr Sookie will finally be...

Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #13)
ISBN (UK) - 978-0575096615
Expected publication: May 7th 2013 by Victor Gollancz


  1. Yeah, I'd like to know how this series ends too!

  2. I'm particularly lost in the series that I don't really know if I should start it or not. I tried watching the TV series and it didn't really work out for me. I hope I could start the series though if ever...

    Waiting on Wednesday

    We Fancy Books

  3. I can't read this book series, I'm too vested in the TV show which is only a take off. I don't want to ruin either of them for myself! Great choice however! It'll be interesting how it all turns out for Sookie.
    Beth @ YA Vixens
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  4. these sound good. thanks for sharing.

    old follower

  5. Sounds good. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. I love the Sookie Stackhouse books, but I have to admit the series started strong and has kind of gone downhill for me lately. I'm happy to see it wrapping up, and I hope it goes out with a bang! Great choice. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I'm super nervous how this series will end. I have a feeling based on the progression of the series it won't end the way I want. As of the last book I'm unsure if I even want to read this one sadly.

    My WoW

  8. i haven't read anything by this author yet and i feel like i'm the only one. i gotta remedy that soon. great pick :)

    our WoW


  9. I love the show, but I don't follow the books. Alexander skarsgard is much better to watch. I hope you enjoy it.

  10. My goodness that does sounds like an interesting book. Great pick and Happy Reading! Here is my WoW for this week!

  11. Is this book the absolute last book? Thank you so much for commenting and I like how you set it up with both covers. Can't decide which one I like better though. New Follower!

  12. I love the Sookie Stackhouse series as well as True Blood. I'm excited about this one too. Thanks for sharing and stopping by! :)

  13. Really hope this ending doesn't disappoint. Great pick!

    My WoW

    New follower

  14. I've heard awesome things about this series but haven't read anything by this author. Will have to check it out.
    New follower btw :)

    Here is my WoW

  15. Hahah, I want this too! I'm sad the series is ending, but it'll be great to finally get *hopefully* happy endings for everyone.

    Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFic
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  16. I've been wondering about this series, some day I will hop on the bandwagon. I've heard that the TV series is very different from the book.
    Cricket@ Little Library Muse WoW

  17. Great pick! I love this series! I still need to read the latest one but definitely planning on reading it before the final book comes out.

  18. even though the sookie series has gone downhill for me in the last few years, i definitely want to read the last book.

  19. Awesome pick!!! I still need to catch up on this series - I think I left off on #8. I totally want to keep at it though! :D

  20. I know! I've invested years in the series and I have to see it end. Great pick!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  21. I watched all episodes of 'True Blood' but still did not start reading the book series. I guess I'm afraid I will be disappointed... But yay for finally finding out who will be Mr. Sookie. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my WOW.
    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams

  22. I can't wait for this one. I'm still one book behind in the series, but I love it!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake


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