Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bookish Bits #1

Two bookish things happening here at the Outsider this week! First up I found out I'm going to be very busy on April 23 participating in 

and handing out 20 copies of

Yes, that's right - the amazing The Knife Of Never Letting Go by the equally fantastic Patrick Ness. A friend and I already have a plan of where we'll be handing out my precious copies of Knife and I can't wait to see the looks on people's faces as I've heard some great stories from last year's event!

The other thing probably won't be exciting to anyone but me but I got this

in the mail today from LibraryThing and I've been merrily scanning books onto my LT account all afternoon! I've had an LT account since 2005 but in the last few years very naughtily defected to Goodreads. I decided a couple of weeks ago that since all my books pre-2009 were on LT I really needed to get everything I've bought since on there too. However, the prospect of typing hundreds, possibly even thousands of titles/authors/ISBN's did not appeal so I gave in and bought probably the world's most pointless gadget! It's amused me all afternoon but I think I've given myself a scanning injury as I'm in agony now. Best cure? Hot chocolate and a book!

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