Tuesday, 1 September 2015

ARC August Final Update

ARC August is hosted by Octavia & Shelly over at Read Sleep Repeat. Well, I would say my stab at ARC August was pretty successful although discovering I've got dozens of reviews still to write wasn't quite what I wanted! In the end I read 7 books and am halfway through another one with another 17 to write reviews for. I think they're going to have to be very brief reviews otherwise I can see myself having to read them all again!


Finished During August

The Whispers
The Burning Girl
The Three Sisters
Magic City: Recent Spells
The Unnoticeables

Need To Review

A Court of Thorns and Roses 
Lives of Magic
Cuckoo Song
The Miniaturist
The Raven's Head
The Geography of You & Me
Catch Me When I Fall
The After House
Wylding Hall
Grave Mercy
The Pocket Wife
The Spider In the Corner of the Room
Because You'll Never Meet Me


  1. Aah, I never dare postpone writing my reviews! A day or two, at most. It's so much to catch up with!

    1. I don't normally dare either but I've done a lot of my reading away from home over the last few months. This really hasn't helped me stay on top of things hence the backlog!

      Maybe time to do what some other bloggers do and write short but sweet reviews :)

  2. Oh wow, that is a lot of books to review! I have trouble remembering what I want to say about books if I wait too long, even if I take notes, so good luck!


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