Thursday, 17 September 2015

Star Wars: The Imperial Handbook - A Commander's Guide

Star Wars: Imperial Handbook (A Commander's Guide) - Daniel Wallace
ISBN - 9781783293681
Publisher - Titan Books (on behalf of the Dark Side)
Release date - August 7 2015

Set in-world, Star Wars: The Imperial Handbook shares the knowledge of a newly promoted Commander in the Imperial Military, providing a comprehensive overview of the Imperial war machine.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is on its way and so naturally there's a need for all things Star Wars catering to both those who are decades long fans and those new to the Saga. Daniel Wallace's Imperial Handbook is one such item.

Beautifully illustrated and well planned this is one of the last remaining copies of the Imperial Handbook given to newly promoted comanders of the Imperial Army. Found after the destruction of the first Death Star this copy though has fallen into the hands of the rebels and given them a huge advantage. Details of just about anything Imperial you can think of make this book a goldmine in the right (or wrong) hands.

From propaganda posters, tips on what to do during free time and tech knowledge of the Death Star (including those all important exhaust ports *nudge nudge*) to battle tactics and uniform detail this is a comprehensive guide to all things Imperial Commander. Solo, Leia, Antilles, Rieekan and of course Skywalker have all found it to be an invaluable source of knowledge if the annotations found scattered throughout the handbook are anything to go by.

A truly stunning guide, of interest to those who favor the Dark or the Light... We have cookies, did I mention that??? 


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  1. I know that if you are a star wars fan you are going to love this handbook so much. I do love my Star Wars but I do know that my dad and one of my best friends would be even more crazy about this. I am so glad it includes so much and that you were able to love it so!


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