Monday, 21 September 2015

Bookmarked... #8

The return of the (mostly) weekly post letting you all know what I'm reading and have lined up for the week! It's my own version of Sheila at Book Journey's It's Monday What Are You Reading and I have her permission to rename it for my own nefarious reasons :)

Well, I'm still reading what I was reading two weeks ago but have also picked up and/or finished a few other random books! A couple were library books that had to be returned as they had holds on them but mostly I've been picking up books and trying them to see if they hold my attention. This crazy method seems to be working as my reading has improved, especially over the last week.


The Death House

Currently Reading

Up Next, Maybe


  1. I think that's a fine way to figure out what you really want to read.

    Here's my It's Monday!

  2. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed The Martian. Looking forward to hear what you make of it!


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