Saturday, 27 April 2013

Readathon Progress Report Part 1

Introductory Questionnaire is here

Books on the pile to be read listed here

1pm - Starting with Infinite Sky by C J Flood.

2pm - Pages read in last hour: 145
          Pages read altogether: 145
          Books finished: 0

Hour 2 Challenge: Book Spine Poetry

3pm - Pages read in last hour: 79
          Pages read altogether: 224
          Books finished: 0

Finished Infinite Sky, started Vampires In The Lemon Grove

4pm - Pages read in last hour: 67
          Pages read altogether: 291
          Books finished: 1

Hour 4 Challenge: Rename Your Current Read

Vampires In The Lemon Grove should really be called Bloodsucking Fiends Ravage Citrus Fruit And Other Fanged Stories
5pm - Pages read in last hour: 87
          Pages read altogether: 378
          Books finished: 1

Started All These Things I've Done alongside Vampires In The Lemon Grove. Vampires is a book of short stories so will be reading 1 or 2 every hour as well as whatever book I'm reading!

Hour 5 Challenge - Self-Portrait

6pm - Pages read in last hour: 61
          Pages read altogether: 439
          Books finished: 1

Hour 6 Challenge - Book Puzzle

7pm - Pages read in last hour: 20
          Pages read altogether: 459
          Books finished: 1
          Food eaten: Salmon, asparagus, broccoli

Hour 7 Challenge - Best & Worst Cover

8pm - Pages read in last hour: 2
          Pages read altogether: 461
          Books finished: 1

So, as I pick up my book my sister rings me and I've only just been able to hang up! Bang went a whole hour of reading time!

Hour 8 Challenge - Book Sentence

The Fault In Our Stars Enshadowed Something Strange And Deadly Where Things Come Back In The Shadow Of Blackbirds.

9pm - Pages read in last hour: 65
          Pages read altogether: 526
          Books finished: 1

Hour 9 Challenge - Clear The Cobwebs And Recharge Yoga

Not the challenge for me unless I want to end up in the hospital, I'll stick to wandering round the house once or twice an hour!

10pm - Pages read in last hour: 116
            Pages read altogether: 642
            Books finished: 2

Finished All These Things I've Done and started Blood by K J Wignall.

Hour 10 Challenge - Book Cover Quiz

Sort of done, I definitely know 12 of the covers but I'm stumped on the rest - will need to have a think for a while about them! 

11pm - Pages read in last hour: 93
            Pages read altogether: 735
            Books finished: 2

Hour 11 Challenge - Picture Challenge

This is currently where I'm reading but as it's nearly 11.15pm and everyone else has gone to bed I'll be going through to the sitting room for a bit more comfort!

12am - Pages read in last hour: 104
            Pages read altogether: 839
            Books finished: 2

Look out for part 2 of the Readathon Progress Report, starting with the Midway Survey!


  1. You made a good start. I'm only just about to begin. Good luck!

  2. I am giggling at Citrus Sucking Vampires! :) Thank you for participating!

  3. Looks like you have having a great day! I hope you enjoy Vampires In The Lemon Groves.

  4. Hi Fi

    Looks like you are on top of the challenges. Keep on busting books.

    Chris (Team Lion Cheerleaders)

  5. Awesome book sentence!!! And your rename challenge? Awesome!

  6. Love your book sentence! Plus you used two of my favorite books! :) Thanks for participating in our challenge.

  7. Sounds like you're doing great! Your book renaming cracked me up. Keep reading!

  8. You are doing awesome! I need to get my butt into gear reading wise. Looks like a comfy place to read!

  9. You're doing really well! Hope you're enjoying the books and having fun :-) Good luck for the last stretch!


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