Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #96 - Authors I've Read The Most Books From

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful gals cover at The Broke & The Bookish. This week's topic is -

Top Ten Thirteen Authors I've Read The Most Books From

This could be a strange list as, if I follow the list on Goodreads, it will have authors on that I haven't read for years but because they are so prolific I've read dozens of books by them! However if I skip a few of them there are far more recent authors ie. from the last decade...

Read 40 or more books

Stephen King 
I started reading King's books when I was ten so I'm actually surprised this isn't higher!

Terry Pratchett 
Another author I started reading early and it's high because of the wonderful Discworld books.

Read 30 or more
J D Robb 
There's a theme coming. Finding a series and binge reading all of the available books. As is the case with the In Death books!

Read 20 or more

Laurell K Hamilton 
Yes, I read the Anita Blake books. And then I started the Merry Gentry books...

Read 10 or more

Charlaine Harris
 Thanks to Sookie, Lily Bard and Aurora Teagarden!

Raymond E Feist
I read Faerie Tale before I plunged into the Riftwar Saga (and the rest...)

Rachel Caine
Morganville Vampires, need I say more?

Jim Butcher
The Dresden Files, Codex Alera and coming to a bookcase near you soon, the Cinder Spires!

Diana Wynne Jones
Howl, the Chrestomanci series, so many great books...

Neil Gaiman
Because I have read all the books...

Juliet Marillier
Once you've read one Juliet Marillier book you have to read them all!

Charles de Lint
Love, love, love his writing! One day I'll get round to reading everything he's published instead of about half.

Sara Douglass
If you haven't read anything by Sara Douglass then you should, especially if you love epic fantasy. Sadly, she passed away 4 years ago so no more new books.


  1. Ahhh, the Riftwar books! I used to love those -- definitely due a reread.

  2. Crazy, but I almost forgot about Terry Pratchett!

    Here's my Top Ten Authors I've Read the Most. Love to have you stop by!

  3. Diana Wynne Jones made my list too! I love her! I am working on reading more Pratchett and Gaiman, as I really can't have too much of them in my life....Here is my TTT if you want to check it out! http://www.bookworminkorporated.com/most-read-authors/
    Happy reading!

  4. I didn't think of Charlaine Harris! I can't remember off the top of my head how many of her books I've read and I'm not sure they're all marked on GoodReads since I read most of them pre-blogging. My mum LOVES JD Robb and I keep saying I'm going to have to start that series. Great list! :-)

    ~Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer
    My TTT

  5. Neil Gaimans books are so good.

  6. Hell YES! Someone with a list like mine, yes for JD Robb, LKH, Jim Butcher and Rachel Caine. I have read most of the Southern Vampire Series books, but I don't like them.
    My ttt

  7. Another person that started early with King! I am so happy to hear that!
    But wow you read a lot by him. I have not gotten that high with him yet. Any favorites that you recommend? I really loved his Misery and enjoyed his Gunseller series or Dark Tower series -depending on where you live- but since then i seemed to constantly not pick up the right book by him. So any book you really loved, please let me know and i will give it a try. Or you know any list you have ;)
    We also share Harris on our lists, but no other i think.
    I will really finally have to look into Gaiman! I keep forgetting about this for some reason every time i try to remember which author i wanted to read a book from.
    Great list :)

  8. The only one I've read a lot of on this list is Stephen King - but I love seeing whatever prolific authors people love. I've been wanting to start reading Gaiman for like three years...

  9. Stephen King was my top author as well. I read everything from him when I was a teen, because I had no idea what else to read.

    Oh, I'm going to have to look into the Faerie Tale book - that looks awesome!

  10. I haven't read a book by any of these authors aside from Neil Gaiman before! But a lot of them are on my TBR, especially Stephen King.

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