Sunday, 23 June 2019

YALC 2019 Reading List Part 2

As promised last week, here's part two of my reading list. I'm hoping by the time this goes live that I'll have read a few more books from the list and some of my reviews will also have gone up. I'm not going to review everything on the list - I'd spend a year typing if I did - but if it's an' up all night' or 'stay up late' book I'll do my best to review it, even if it ends up being a mini review. Not that I'm sure I can do mini reviews, I'm very good at spouting rubbish...

After this goes live I'll also post about a giveaway I'm doing alongside my reading list so if you want to win a book check it out!

Sif Sigmarsdottir - The Sharp Edge Of A Snowflake

Adrienne Young - Sky In The Deep

Bex Hogan - Viper

Christine Lynn Herman - The Devouring Gray

Kesia Lupo - We Are Blood And Thunder

P.M. Freestone - The Darkest Bloom

Rachel Burge - The Twisted Tree

Alastair Reynolds - Revenger

Lauren James - The Quiet At The End Of The World

Temi Oh - Do You Dream Of Terra-Two?

Justina Ireland - Dread Nation

Kristen Ciccarelli - The Last Namsara

Natasha Ngan - Girls Of Paper & Fire

Samantha Shannon - The Priory Of The Orange Tree

Taran Matharu - Summoner #1

Anna James - Tilly & The Bookwanderers

Yasmin Rahman - All The Things We Never Said


Bold - Read

Purple - Own 

Red - Borrow From Library

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