Monday, 11 April 2016

Bookmarked... #18

The return of the (mostly) weekly post letting you all know what I'm reading and have lined up for the week! It's my own version of Sheila at Book Journey's It's Monday What Are You Reading (now hosted by Kathryn at Book Date) and I have her permission to rename it for my own nefarious reasons...

I appear to have completely run out of steam recently. I haven't really been reading, blogging or in fact much of anything. I'm really hoping taking part in the 24 hour readathon on April 23 gets me motivated again. In the meantime here's what's been bookmarked in my life over the last 2 weeks. There's an abundance of British cozy crime as my sister and I bought all 26 Agatha Raisin books between us so I've started reading the ones I haven't read while she starts the series from scratch.

Still Bookmarked

Newly Bookmarked

My 2nd DNF of 2016



  1. It seems I haven't been reading quite as much the last couple weeks, but I'm not sure why. My bookmark has been stuck in one of my reads for awhile!

    Here's my reading list for the week:

  2. The Dark Days Club is really good and I am greatly anticipating the next installment. I also love the covers on the Agatha Raisin books. I can't wait to get my hands on Hex. Great collection this week!

  3. The Dark Days Club is on my calendar and coming up for review in May. I met the author and now really want to read the book. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  4. All the Bright Places has been on my TBR for quite some time! I need to read it!

  5. I loved All the Bright Places - one of my favourite YA reads from last year. Hope you enjoyed it too.

  6. All the Bright Places. It still invokes tears. (sad, but so good)

  7. Love your book display.

    Love the cover on Adventures In Stationery.

    I like the looks of The Woman Who Ran too. Gorgeous cover.

    ENJOY your reading week...looks good.

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