Thursday, 8 February 2018

Spyder - Matt Carr

Introducing... Spyder - code name 008 (legs). It's not easy being a super special secret agent when you're only as big as a pin badge. But when a birthday cake is under threat, SPYDER is called upon. It's time to pack the spy-kit with binoculars, a top-secret laser pen and... a banana. Will Spyder save the day, AND the party? Matt Carr, author-illustrator of the internationally acclaimed SUPERBAT, has created a new picture book masterpiece that will have readers both big and little chuckling with laughter - mission accomplished!

Spyder is the fantastic second book by author-illustrator Matt Carr. His first, Superbat, was a firm favourite with the twins who loved the minimal colour palette used and adored Superbat's desire to be a superhero.

Spyder is the story of an intrepid eight-legged spider who works as a spy, Codename 008, and her bid to save a little boy's birthday cake from villain Bluebottle. Being an agent and a spider is hard work though, as there are lots of obstacles in her way, the least of which is Mr Webster's Sock of Doom. Bluebottle is a formidable enemy though and manages to elude capture until the very last, with a cunning plan by Spyder saving the day.

As with Superbat, Matt used a very minimalist colour palette with bright blues, yellows and reds, drawing your eye to each and every page. I love that there's a mix of different fonts which made it easy for the twins to read it out loud, taking turns by each font used. The style of Spyder has a glorious, nostalgic feeling and along with the subtle touches of humour (Miss Moneyspider!) will entertain the adults too.It's a bright, arachnid adventure that will hold any child's attention and of course, let them know that there's no need to be afraid of spiders. You never know when one might be an agent in disguise!

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