Thursday, 20 July 2017

YALC Reading & What I'm Hoping To Do...

London Comic Con and YALC are nearly here again! From July 28 to July 30 it's going to be wall-to-wall authors, celebrities and stalls selling all manner of things, all equally hard to resist.

This year I decided to be at least semi-organized and I put together a reading list and a schedule for YALC panels and signings. Blank spaces are for when I intend to be celebrity stalking  spotting...

Reading Schedule

I've read seven of the thirteen titles I'd planned so far, although in not in the order I have in my schedule! Where I went wrong was trying to start with Strange the Dreamer, I had such a bad book-hangover afterwards I couldn't get into another book for two days. Back on track now though, and kicking myself for taking so long to read some of my chosen books. I'm going to try and get some mini reviews up of my YALC reads soon, my laptop has gone kaput though so typing everything on my teeny tiny tablet. In other words, bear with me!

If you're going to YALC or LFCC please do come and say hi! If I don't get my nerve up to post a photo on Instagram I'll be the one with pink hair and a green walking stick...

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