Read My Own Books 2018

Target - 150


  • Read at least 15 of my own books a month
  • For every 10 books read I can buy 1 new book
  • For every 20 books donated to the library/charity store, I can buy 1 new book
  • I can request/download no more than 5 Netgalley/Edelweiss titles a month
  • I must write reviews in a more timely fashion ie. not 6 months later...

Books Read 

Eccentric Circles - Rebecca Lickiss
Never After - Rebecca Lickiss 

1 comment:

  1. Your challenge seems a lot more attainable than mine! I didn't have much rhyme or reason to it other than to clear off my TBR shelves and help myself get out of debt. I think rewards are also a great idea too that I wish I thought of before. Maybe I can do something every month...


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